Things That I Would Get @ 7-Eleven Japan

Because there is always a 7-11 nearby…

My relationship with 7-11 had growth dramatically ever since i lived in Tokyo, the frequency of walking into 7-11 was like unconscious ritual whenever i went out, for sure that i would  popped into 7-11 for once or twice.  

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Seoul Autumn 2018′ Mini Haul


I truly deeply believe if possible and affordable I should at least travel once in a year. Like people said “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” & “taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey”. 

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What I Bought (August & September 2018)


August, this year was very hard for human being to live in Tokyo or Japan overall. from the month of July to August i cut down most of my outdoor activities and went to grocery shopping (essential) only in the evening time because i dislike going to supermarket in the early morning and plus walking outdoor with the heat during noon time is extremely dangerous as well as harmful.

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What I Bought (June & July 2018)

collage.june & july 2018.1

i survived through the summer, and summer in Tokyo this year nearly kill me honestly, it was so so so so so so hot and humid, i literally rain-like-sweat everyday once i get out from the air conditioner room and i changed my clothes 5 times a day 💦 💦 💦 so, i decreased my time in the outdoor dramatically also was an warning from the government to take precaution seriously too.

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What I Bought (May 2018)


yap, another haul… i believe everybody love shopping, right? so why not? 😀

today blog post dedicated to what i had bought in the month of May 2018 and roughly summarized what was May 2018 to me and what i had done.

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What I Bought (April 2018)


since few years ago, i had promised myself only buy high quality product, because it is much more sustainable for myself and also for the mother earth. therefore i only buy what i needs (most of the time) every month moreover i would take a long time to consider before i make any purchase.

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Malaysia Holiday Haul 2018



it’s been a while since i came back from Malaysia, from my home country yet i manage to drag this post until end of May (facepalm)

travel to Malaysia is kind of my husband and i yearly ritual for million reasons,

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