My Current Makeup Collection 2018


i never thought that every girl should know how wear makeup or should wear makeup. i understand makeup is not for everyone. like my mum she never wear makeup in her entire life beside her wedding day i think, yet still she look gorgeous and beautiful at all time.

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What I Bought (April 2018)


since few years ago, i had promised myself only buy high quality product, because it is much more sustainable for myself and also for the mother earth. therefore i only buy what i needs (most of the time) every month moreover i would take a long time to consider before i make any purchase.

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Malaysia Holiday Haul 2018



it’s been a while since i came back from Malaysia, from my home country yet i manage to drag this post until end of May (facepalm)

travel to Malaysia is kind of my husband and i yearly ritual for million reasons,

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5 Item Worth Purchase In Japanese Drug Store |5個日本藥妝店必買 (2)


One of the advantage living in Tokyo is i could go to drugstore anytime i want. plus, many drugstore in Tokyo are walking distance, super convenience.

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Suqqu Foundation & Maquillage Snow Beauty 2017


when i first started to wear make up in my early 20s 🌱🌱🌱during that time i have zero practical experiences

about applying make up on my face by myself  👀👀👀 i don’t even know where to start and seem no body around me would be able to teach me too

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Current Favourite Deep Cleansing Mask & Exfoliator by Lush



Today i would like to share the summary of my skin care journey and my current favourite deep cleansing mask.

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